Uppfærist á 60 mínútna fresti

Fun facts about Mjóifjörður

During the winter you can only get to Mjóifjörður the seaway.


Distance from Egilsstaðir

41 km.

Examples of hiking trails

Asknes, Hofsárgljúfur, Prestagil



In a country that specializes in unspoiled and out-of-the-way places, Mjóifjörður might just take the title of ‘most remote’. Its name translates as ‘Narrow Fjord’, and it’s an 18km-long inlet that is home to just one tiny village, Brekkuþorp. Today, only about 24 people live in Brekkuþorp year-round, and they are clearly people who relish some nature-induced solitude: the road into Mjóifjörður is breathtaking, but it’s open for only about four months of the year (depending on the weather). The rest of the year, Mjóifjörður is only accessible by scheduled boat from Norðfjörður.

The rugged road off Route 1 descends into the fjord and along the northern coast, giving you a road-trip through Mjóifjörður highlights, a collection of natural and historic sites that together tell quite a story. One of the best-known spots is the beautiful multi-tiered waterfall Klifbrekkufossar, which cascades down the mountainside. The ravine Prestagil (the Priest’s Ravine) takes its name from a local folktale that tells of a huge troll woman who tried to seduce a priest into the ravine. The small inlet of Smjörvogur was once used as a prison as there was no way in or out of it without assistance. At Asknes you’ll see the remains of an old whaling station, the largest in the world at the time it was built by the Norwegians around 1900, with over 200 hundred workers. Keep driving as far east as you can go and you’ll reach Dalatangi lighthouses (an old one from 1895, and a ‘new’ from 1908), with magnificent panoramas in all directions.

In summer, when the road is open, there are simple services for travelers seeking tranquility, natural wonder, and endless hiking opportunities. Come prepared!


Walk: to find the best angle for a photo of Klifbrekkufossar. If you’re feeling energetic, take a day-long hike over the mountains to a neighboring fjord.

Taste: coffee and cake in the small guesthouse that opens in the summer in Brekkuþorp.

Road-trip: around the north shore of the fjord, as far as you can, to take in all the sights and end at Dalatangi.

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