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The incredibly beautiful town of Djúpivogur sits at the southern border of the East Iceland area. Djúpivogur is part of an international network called Cittaslow where the main emphasis is on quality of life. Communities that participate in the Cittaslow movement emphasize genuine production, wholesome food, compelling craftsmanship and environmental protection in tune with the joy of living a slow and quiet everyday life.




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The school of Djúpivogur is a combined music and elementary school that now has approx. 90 students while the Bjarkatún preschool has approx. 30 children.

The small boat harbour in Djúpivogur

Business and community

The area is home to a number of businesses such as large and small fisheries, a salmon farm and a fish market. A number of small boat fishermen work here and the fishing industry is thriving. Djúpivogur is home to a car repair shop, a steel workshop, repair shop, electricians, carpenters and contractors operating heavy machinery.

Agriculture flourishes in the area and both sheep farms and dairy farms are found here as well as horse farms and various agriculture. A number of small and large tourist companies operate here, both in the town and the rural area.

A number of small businesses, particularly in food production, have popped up in the area in the last few years, as well as other businesses. The area is home to a barber, a masseuse and an accounting company.

The old district of Djúpivogur, which now belongs to the Múlaþing municipality, has 5 churches, all currently in use. The largest one can be found in the village and it also has a good congregation hall. Djúpivogur has a sports center with a gymnasium, an indoor pool with a wading pool and hot tubs, a weight-lifting room, a steam bath and a tanning bed. The Football Association of Iceland operates a small football area next to the sports center and elementary school.

Djúpivogur is home to Neisti Youth Club which has a robust sports program for children and youths. A football field can be found in the village along with a service building, a jumping pillow, swings, etc.

The building Geysir houses the Múlaþing municipality offices and its staff.

The Eggs in Merry Bay

Trade and service

Samkaup operates a Kjörbúðin grocery store here, N1 has a service center as well as gas pumps. A doctor and nurse work at the healthcare with a midwife and a dentist in regular attendance. There’s also a small pharmacy and the option of having prescriptions delivered there. Goods can be shipped and picked up via the trucking company Flytjandi, Samkaup transports goods through the grocery store where Íslandspóstur postal services has a small branch operation. Landsbankinn bank also has an operation at the grocery store and an ATM.

Public transportation to and from Djúpivogur are available. A bus runs from Djúpivogur to Höfn í Hornafirði a few times a week, operating with the flight schedule from Höfn.

Fishing permits can be purchased to fish for salmon in Selá in Álftafjörður and trout in Búlandsá and Hamarsá.

Djúpivogur and its surrounding rural area now belong to the newly formed municipality Múlaþing.


Tourist services

Tourist services have greatly increased in the past few years. The area offers a great variety of accommodation and good camping grounds can be found in the center of the village. A number of cruise ships stop by at Djúpivogur every summer and a great number of tourists can often be seen strolling through town. A few companies offer guided tours.

Djúpivogur has a few restaurants, two of them open all year round and two over the summer. Langabúð is home to three museums; Ríkarðssafn, Eysteinsstofa and a small district museum. Berufjörður farm is home to Nönnusafn museum and a natural monument and nature reserve can be found at Teigarhorn. Additionally, the area has a rock collection and two souvenir shops.


A number of active organizations and volunteer clubs are operated in Djúpivogur;

  • Neisti Youth Club
  • Bára rescue team
  • The Red Cross
  • Vaka Women’s Association
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Preschool Parents’ Association
  • Elementary School Parents’ Association
  • Association of Senior Citizens
  • Djúpivogur’s Forestry Association
  • A church choir
  • Djúpivogur’s Music Association
  • Djúpivogur’s Travel Club
  • Glampi Equestrian Club

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