Uppfærist á 60 mínútna fresti

Borgarfjörður eystri is known for its great natural beauty all year round and its lively atmosphere, particularly in the summer. Music-loving Icelanders make their annual pilgrimage to Bræðslan music festival and hikers enjoy the natural beauty and calm setting on the trails of Víknaslóðir and Stórurð. The 70 km drive from Egilsstaðir to Borgarfjörður eystri is an attraction in itself, with unique viewpoints over the bay, the mountains and finally this picturesque village. The birdlife of the area is a big attraction and by the harbor you’ll find Hafnarhólmi, one of the most accessible puffin colonies in Iceland and beyond.

Borgarfjörður eystri



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Borgarfjörður has a population of 130 and, in cooperation with neighboring town Fellabær, operates an elementary school and preschool. The town now has less than 10 children that attend these schools.

Business and community

Borgarfjörður has a substantial fishing industry and is home to two businesses that process fish, including dried fish. Fishing grounds are close to the shore and coastal fishing is a large part of the operation. Traditional farming can be found at a few farms in the area and some keep horses and other animals.

A small football area, a basketball court and a football field can be found in the middle of the village.

Fjarðaborg community center is widely used by the locals and includes a gym facility as well as two community halls, a large one and a smaller one and a certified kitchen.

Trade and service

A small co-op grocery store in town is owned and operated by the inhabitants themselves. There’s also a bank branch, postal services, health care services with a nurse and telemedicine. A tire shop and a growing business that specializes in the processing of eiderdown are also operated in Borgarfjörður. Borgarfjörður is part of the municipality of Múlaþing and their offices can be found in Hreppsstofa.

Public transportation is available every workday between Borgarfjörður and Egilsstaðir.

Tourist services

Borgarfjörður eystri has strengthened its tourist services in the past year and now has two inns, one open only in summer but the other is open all year round. There’s also a brewery and a spa and hot tubs as well as a campsite, a cycle hire and a frisbee golf course under the Álfaborg rock. Close by is the church Bakkagerðiskirkja. Five places sell food in town, although four of them are only open during the summer


  • Association of Senior Citizens
  • Sveinungi rescue team
  • The Red Cross
  • Bakkasystur – church choir
  • Borgarfjörður’s Travel Club
  • Borgarfjörður’s Youth Club

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