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The municipality of Vopnafjörður is named after the fjord it sits in, north of Héraðsflói bay. The fjord takes its name from Eyvindur Vopni, one of the three original settlers in Vopnafjörður. South of the fjord are majestic mountain ranges while to the north are lowlands that slowly elevate up to the moors Sandvíkurheiði and Bakkaheiði with a few tall mountains that dot the landscape. Three valleys stretch inland from the fjord, the largest in the area being Hofsársdalur. Kolbeinstangi spit stretches out into the fjord, long and narrow, and is home to the town of Vopnafjörður. The municipality is currently home to 660.




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Vopnafjörður has a preschool, an elementary school and a music school. Approx. 70 students attend the elementary school, with approx. 40 in the preschool. Laugar Junior College also operates a school branch in town where students can attend their 1st year of junior college in a so-called flexible learning program.


Business and community

A number of businesses are operated in town and the main industries are a shipping business, fish processing, servicing and processing agricultural production as well as secondary land use (land benefits). The town has a large pelagic fish processing plant, small boat fisheries and businesses that process shark and dried fish. There are also various other businesses in town, e.g., a machine and car repair shop, a dry cleaner’s which is also a clothing store and crafts supply store and a hair salon. Eiderdown is also processed in Vopnafjörður.

The town has a sports center with weight-lifting equipment and a gymnasium that is available for rent as well as a sauna and a tanning bed. A small football area is next to the elementary school, and the town also has playgrounds, a football field, a frisbee golf course, an excellent 9 hole golf course and a beach volleyball court.

The municipality has two churches: Vopnafjarðakirkja and Hofskirkja.

Vopnafjörður has been a trading center since the era of monopoly in the 17th and 18th centuries. Danish trading company Örum & Wulff began operating in the area at the turn of the 19th century which led to the building of a number of beautiful houses. One of them is the house Kaupvangur, built in 1882 by Fredrik Bald, the master builder of the parliament building of Althing in Reykjavik. The house was completely restored to its original splendor in 2005. Today, Kaupvangur is considered one of the most excellent buildings in Vopnafjörður and serves the town with various cultural activities. The municipality of Vopnafjörður has diverse and robust social activities.

Selárdalslaug swimming pool

Trade and service

Public services in Vopnafjörður include a post office, a bank, a cargo center and a police station as well as a nursing home (with health care facilities), a health care center and a pharmacy. Kauptún grocery store is operated in Vopnafjörður and the town is also home to East Iceland’s Emigration Center.

Tourists who choose to stay in Vopnafjörður will find a hotel open all year round and authentic farmers’ accommodation outside of town. A campsite can be found centrally in town, open only in summer. Vopnafjörður’s swimming pool is located by the riverbank in Selárdalur valley, a worthwhile visit for many reasons. A few restaurants can be found in Vopnafjörður, some open all year round, others only in summer.

In the valley of Hofsárdalur is the old gabled farmhouse of Bustarfell, one of the oldest and best-preserved farmhouses of its kind in Iceland which houses an interesting and vibrant museum. Bustarfell has been farmed by the same family since 1532.

Hellisheiði eystri

Tourist services

Vopnafjörður has vast areas of untouched wilderness and the diverse wildlife is always in close proximity. The area is also home to fishing rivers rich with salmon such as Selá and Hofsá and fine fishing lakes, for example at Fossheiði moor. The beaches of Vopnafjörður are very interesting places and very rich in birdlife. Vopnafjörður has a number of beautiful and interesting natural treasures as well as fun hikes that are easily accessible with the publication of hiking maps for the area.

All routes to and from Vopnafjörður are via mountain roads. The main road is the new highway (2011) through the valley of Vesturárdalur which reaches an altitude of 400 meters at its access point to the ring road (Route 1). Other routes include the Hellisheiði moor and Sandvíkurheiði moor en route to Húsavík via the coastline. Those that prefer to fly can choose one of five weekly flights from Akureyri to Vopnafjörður and Þórshöfn.


  • Association of Senior Citizens
  • Lindin Women’s Association
  • Vopni rescue team
  • Sjöfn Lifesaving Association
  • A church choir
  • A men’s choir
  • The Progress and Tourism Club
  • Askja Kiwanis Club
  • The round-up hut clubs
  • Glófaxi Equestrian Club
  • Einherji Youth Club
  • Friends of Vopnfirðinga saga

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