Uppfærist á 60 mínútna fresti

Eskifjörður is like a sample of East Iceland. In a way this fjord summarizes all the qualities of the entire quarter. The interplay of history and nature in this place is enchanting and Eskifjörður also offers visitors majestic mountains, nature reserves, black beaches, historical sites frozen in time and interesting geology.



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When driving into Eskifjörður from the south the road winds around Hólmatindur mountain, the pride and joy of the locals. The mountain is 985 meters high and towers over the nature reserve of Hólmanes with its rich variety of hiking trails.

Business and community

Eskifjörður became an official trading point in 1789 and the village is home to historical remnants of the fishing industry. A visit to the East Iceland Maritime Museum puts history into perspective and a visit to Randulf’s Sea House provides a personal perspective of the area. The Sea House is an old fishing booth where you can see fishermen’s accommodation as they were in 1890. The fisheries exhibits and the taste of local seafood at the restaurant intertwine and create a unique atmosphere in the building. During the summer months, boats and fishing rods are available for rent so visitors can try their hand at fishing in the fjord. Fishing and fish processing are the main industries in Eskifjörður which is home to one of Iceland’s largest fishing operators, Eskja hf., as well as Laxa ehf., which runs a growing fish farm in the fjord.

The office of the District Commissioner of Suður-Múlasýsla moved to Eskifjörður in 1853 and today it is home to the office of the Chief of Police of East Iceland.

The population of Eskifjörður is approx. 1,100. The elementary school has approx. 150 students and the preschool approx. 60 students. A music school is operated in Eskifjörður and Reyðarfjörður.

Trade and service

Tourism is part of the local economy and accommodation and restaurants can be found all year round. Activities are available all year and a favorite one in winter is to go skiing in the ski area in Oddskarð which lies just above the village of Eskifjörður. Iceland spar can be found in the mines of Helgustaðanáma.


A number of active organizations and volunteer clubs are operated in Eskifjörður;

  • Austri Sports Club
  • Brimrún Rescue Team
  • Hafrún Lifesaving Association
  • The Red Cross
  • Eskifjörður’s Women’s Movement
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Alanon
  • Dalborg Preschool Parents’ Association
  • Elementary school parents’ association
  • Association of Senior Citizens
  • Eskifjörður’s Forestry Association
  • Eskifjörður’s Church Choir
  • Glaður Men’s Choir
  • Holan training facility
  • Travel club (Ferðafélag Fjarðamanna)
  • Equestrian club
  • East Iceland’s Sailing Club
  • Dreki Shooting Club
  • East Iceland’s Darts Club

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