Rotary concert 2022

Tónlistarmiðstöð Austurlands

24. April, 2022

Rotary Concert 2022

The Rotary movement in Iceland awards two grants a year to outstanding music students who are pursuing their studies abroad. They are then presented in a Gala concert, alongside other prolific musicians. This year the event is hosted by the club in Fljótsdalshérað in cooperation with Austuróp, the East Iceland opera company and the venue is the Music centre of East Iceland, in Eskifjörður.

This year the recipients are pianist Alexander Smári Edelstein, studying in Maastricht in the Netherlands and violinist Sólveig Vaka Eyþórsdóttir who studies in Leipzig, Germany. In the concert they are joined by soprano Hlín Pétursdóttir Behrens, mezzo soprano Erla Dóra Vogler, tenor Árni Friðriksson, baritone Valdimar Hilmarsson and pianists Helena Guðlaug Bjarnadóttir and Daníel Þorsteinsson. The singers will perform “Liebeslieder Walzer” op. 52 by Johannes Brahms, the young musicians play parts of Partita nr. 1 for violin by Bach, movements from the Sonata in c minor D. 958 by Schubert and Meditation from Souvenir d’un lieu cher, Op. 42 by Tchaikovsky.

The Rotary music grant has been awarded since 2005 and its first recipient was the now world renowned pianist Víkingur Heiðar Ólafsson.

Thickets are available for live streaming as well as the event itself, ticket price is 4.500, no charge for guests 16 years and younger.

Tickets for live streaming: