LAND – Book Art exhibition


2. April, 2022 - 1. May, 2022

The exhibit is open from Saturday April 2nd until May 1st everyday from 11am-5pm

LAND is an exhibition of Book Art by eleven artists in the cultural center Skriðuklaustur. The exhibition is curated by the art group ARKIR, which has been active since 1998, but the members of the group usually perform a variety of artistic creations in the fields of painting and graphic art, textile art, writing, visual art and design. Since 2005, ARKIR has held a number of Book Art exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. Many of the works in the exhibition have been shown around the world, but this time the works have been selected especially with Skriðuklaustur’s exhibition space in mind.

Book Art is inherently multifaceted and diverse, but at the same time accessible and familiar in form. Each book is a whole world in itself: the Book Art as a collection of images and text and the Book Art as a three-dimensional form of expression. The works in the exhibition are apt to arouse questions and curiosity, as the form, content and content lure the viewer into the unique world of each work. In a variety of books and Book Art, the artists look at lands and landscape, texts and languages, nature and cultures from different perspectives.

The name of the exhibition, LAND, has a wide and varied appeal that touches every human being. Perhaps few words are more meaningful now that we are facing a time of upheaval in nature and the human world. The land is the basis of life, the land we cultivate and have under our feet, the land is a homeland and distant lands, the basis of the identity of individuals and nations.

Further information about ARKIR and the group’s exhibition projects can be found on the website