Destination Management Plan launched

The Icelandic Government is aware of the need for destination management and planning for the future sustainable development of tourism. In 2015 the Icelandic Tourist Board (ITB), along with the Tourism Task Force, launched the development of Destination Management Plans (DMPs).

Austurland – East Iceland has fantastic potential to develop the destination, to utilize the tourist resources and attract more tourism to the region. At the same time, there is a need to do it in a sustainable way. Tourism is affecting our environment and communities. It is important to manage the destination to increase the positive impacts on the region and minimize the negative impacts.

This Destination Management Plan – DMP, helps to better understand the preconditions for development, situational analysis, where to aim and how we are making progress. It is kind of a business plan for the destination. The DMP also stakes out the path for the destination to take action over the next three years.


More information provided by project managers:  Maria Hjalmarsdottir [email protected] and Daniel Byström : [email protected]