Þráðurinn hvíti – New Icelandic Music

29. June, 2020

This summer singer Þórhildur Örvarsdóttir and pianist Helga Kvam are staying in Eskifjörður at Tónlistarmiðstöð Austurlands invitation for rehearsals for this project. Residents of Fjarðabyggð, and guests, are invited to visit during an open exercise on Monday evening June 29th at 20:00. Pieces of music will be performed and the project introduced.

Since 2014 Þórhildur and Helga have collaborated on numerous musical projects, large and small, and exported concert programs throughout the country, including at Tónlistarmiðstöð Austurlands. They have focused especially on Icelandic music and songs and e.g. compiled programs in speeches and tones about Hulda, David Stefánsson, the Icelandic song and the Icelandic Maríuvers. During this time, very close cooperation and the playlists have become long and many.

Everybody is welcome and entrance is free.