Seven peaks in Seyðisfjörður

15. June, 2020 - 15. September, 2020

Seyðisfjörður you can participate in a project called „Mountaineer of Seyðisfjörður.“ There are guest books on the peaks of seven beautiful mountains in Seyðisfjörður. At every peak you also find a plier.

If you want to get the title „Mountaineer of Seyðisfjörður“ you should stop by the Seyðisfjörður Information center at Ferjuleira 1 and get a card with the names of the seven mountains. Then you have to take the card with you on each hike and use the plier at the top to punch the card (every plier has a different pattern). When you have finished the seven hikes you turn the card in at the information center and receive a document of recognition. Your name will also appear on the „List of Mountaineers“ at Seyðisfjörður‘s website.

We ask that children and teenagers only hike with adults. It is also important to check the weather forecast and let someone where you are going.