Pólar Festival

14. July, 2017 - 16. July, 2017

Pólar is a culture and culinary festival in East-Iceland. We had so much fun last time, that we decided to do it again, and you are invited!

Pólar Festival first took place the summer of 2013 in Stöðvarfjörður in collaboration with the local village festival Maður er manns gaman. The goal was to introduce Stöðvarfjörður to people and people to Stöðvarfjörður. Stöðvarfjörður is one of the irresistable East Fjords of Iceland, south of Fáskrúðsfjörður and north of Breiðdalsvík. The small village lies on the north side of the fjord and nurtures its inhabitants.

The emphasis of the festival is creativity and culinary culture. Sustainability and local production play a big role. In collaboration with a broad group of talented people a colorful festival.

You can also apply to take part in the festival! Everybody is welcome to do something, whether it’s cooking, making something, showing a piece or having fun with kids.