Float treatment Vök baths & Flothetta

20. July, 2020

Flothetta and Vök baths invite you to enter the magical world of experience, nature and weightlessness in a beautiful water event on Monday, July 20th at 22:00.

The fleet is under the guidance of the Flothetta designer, Unnu Valdís Kristjánsdóttir. Deep relaxation floats will be offered with soft treatments in the unique floating nature pools of Vök baths.

A rewarding being in the water is a wonderful experience and floating around in the weightlessness makes the health-enhancing effects of the fleet multifaceted.Rest and pain relief, improved sleep and more calm are among what grateful participants have mentioned as a reason why they come again and again to float. It is safe to say that the contribution of the fleet is a very valuable contribution to the bathing culture and public health of the nation, but Flothetta has been a leader in the introduction of naval relaxation in Iceland and indeed the whole world, because the design of Flothetta and Samflot are all Icelandic innovations made by, fleet designer and amateur about water wellness.


– Access to Vök baths
– Floating hat and shoes
– Nourishing drink

You can register by sending an email to [email protected]

Limited spots available