20. June, 2020 - 27. June, 2020

The last week in June is the time to get on your feet and enjoy the nature of the East Fjords by participating in Fjarðabyggð Hiking Week. An outdoor recreation event, filling eight days of entertainment and organized activities to suit the entire family.

The week’s program spans from family hikes to historical walks and challenges for the advanced hiking mountaineer. During the eight days of Fjarðabyggð Hiking Week, The youngest generation can participate in an outdoor activity course, The school of nature while they´re parents get the opportunity to participate in the hikes that are´nt suitable for small feet. 

Numerous walks and hikes are offered, varying in length and graded by level of difficulty. 

Scheduled entertainment, such as communal singing, provides a pleasant conclusion to every day. 

You can either pay for individual events or buy a pass that will allow admission to all the events.

The five mountains hike is a fun challenge for all participants. Each year five mountains are chosen to represent the mountains of Fjarðabyggð and those who climb these mountains during the hiking week get the honorary title Fjarðabyggð Mountain Hiker. For children 15 years old or younger, hiking three of those mountains will suffice to obtain the desirable title.