Sunday hike in Þerribjarg

19. July, 2020

Therribjarg is located on the peninsula between Vopnafjörður and Héraðsfloi. The cliffs are one of the most colorful sea cliffs in the country, light, yellow, and orange with black rocks. Below Therribjargi is Langisandur, about 700 meter long beach with rocky gravel. Therribjarg is one of the pearls of Fljótsdalshérað. You will be driven from Egilsstadir, up Hellisheidi and on roadways to Kattárdalur. The hiking trail is just 11 kilometers back and forth.

Attendance is at the Fljótsdalshéri Touring Company’s house, Tjarnarási 8, Egilsstaðir. It will leave from there at 9:00 am after merging into cars. The price is 500 ISK and pearl cards are also available for 500 ISK. Stefán Kristmannsson leads the walk.

More information here.