Skaftfell´s summer exhibition

- Opening

17. June, 2020 - 6. September, 2020

Skaftfell Center for Visual Art’s summer exhibition will be with the Reykjavik based artist Ingibjörg Sigurjónsdóttir (b. 1985). For this project she has chosen to show–alongside her own drawings, digital prints and small scale sculptures–the work of Benedikt Guðmundsson (1907-1970), whose modernist paintings and ceramics she grew up around. 

Ingibjörg Sigurjónsdóttir’s works are concerned with ‘the basic gesture of making art and the fundamental building blocks of it – line, colour, composition’ but have the sense of being part of a narrative which is only glimpsed in fragments. The title of the exhibition comes from a text written by Ingibjörg, in which she says ‘meaning hides undiscovered in insignificant things’. Ingibjörg’s attention is to the slight gestures in drawing and the passed over details of everyday life. 

Her choice to pair her own work with that of Benedikt Guðmundsson’s concerns a shared attention to the basic nature of art making but also, for Ingibjörg, his life and work is a representation of time, distance and absence which relates to all creative practices. For Ingibjörg ‘there is something beautiful about the dedication of all artists, making work which will most likely become forgotten and then lost. There is a beauty of making all of this work for the great vastness of oblivion… something in me finds it rather interesting and beautiful. It has something to do with the core of why we make any work in the first place and what it means to be an artist.’