1. September, 2020 - 30. September, 2020

BRAS – Children’s Culture festival will be held for the second time in Austurland in September and October. A number of parties participate with children and for children to create an environment for diverse and exciting artistic creations under the theme “expression without language”.  

Austurbrú, the three cultural centres in Austurland, the municipalities, schools and organizations have organized and prepared diverse art events where children are at the forefront. Skaftfell Centre for Visual Arts offers elementary school children courses in Icelandic folk art. East Iceland Church and Cultural Centre offers elementary school children a series of lectures, intended to promote interest in musical performance and composition. The Slaughter House Culture Centre offers an exhibition that can be viewed as unsolved crime mysteries from the 18thcentury and an intriguing historical exhibition, as well as an ancient #metoo story. The three cultural centres will also host various open events, such as a dance course, a printing course, an exhibition on children’s book’s illustrations, etc.

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