Bakkabræður – Leikhópurinn Lotta

20. July, 2020

Leikhópurinn Lotta is well-known to Icelanders, but since 2007 the group has traveled across their productions across the country. Lotta has specialized in outdoor shows during the summer and now travels the 14th summer in a row with a brand new family musical.

This summer Leikhópurinn Lotta will set up a family musical based on the legend of Bakkabræður. In the course of Lotta, Bakkbræður can be said to have the opportunity to tell us their story and correct the misrepresentations that have prevailed in the legends. Bakkabræður is the 13th original musical set up by Leikhópurinn Lotta, a lot of laughs, brilliance and fun songs, although the undertone is serious and the message beautiful.

Bakkabræður is a show designed for all age groups, where adults as well as children can have fun together. As the exhibition are outdoors, we recommend dressing according to the weather and packing some lunches.

As usual, the Leikhópurinn Lotta shows all over the country this summer and of course follows the instructions of the Chief Epidemiologist. Due to number restrictions, it will only be possible to secure advance tickets as here. Tickets are 2900 kr.

More information here.