Again the Sunset

Tankurinn á Djúpavogi

5. June, 2022

Again the Sunset is an experience which occupies the space between concert and performance; a haunted love song that travels through the voice to the body, to raw elements and materials, like an expressive entity without an inherent body.

Two humans put their bodies to work. They work to continue and continue to work, they move what needs to be moved and sing what needs to be sung about deceptive stones, dubious clouds and hopeless histories of love. Words circle around and around like haunting thoughts as the natural elements are met with a sculptural and sonic approach.

Inga Huld Hákonardóttir is one of Iceland‘s most innovative contemporary choreographers and has worked internationally in the field of dance and performance. Yann Leguay is a cutting edge sound artist. In Again the Sunset, these artists come together to create an audiovisual rambling of thoughts on a night of insomnia.

Choreography, Artistic Director: Inga Huld Hákonardóttir
Soundscape: Yann Leguay
Scenography: Inga Hákonardóttir, Yann Leguay
Lights: Gregory Rivoux
Artistic Advisor: Gaëtan Rusquet
Production: Kunstenwerkplaz Pianofabriek og Kosmonaut production
Photography: Stanislav Dobak