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Fun facts about Breiðdalsvík

Breiðdalsvík is a young town, it was mostly built after 1960.

The East fjords central volcano is in Breiðdalur.


Distance from Egilsstaðir

92 km.

Examples of hiking trails

Hellurnar, Beljandi, Meleyri

Cultural centers / museums

Iceland by Axel





Tiny Breiðdalsvík is a relatively young fishing village with some surprises, and plenty of small-town hospitality. It lies on the coast with great seascapes and black sand beaches, making fishing and boat tours popular from its old harbor.


Some of the loveliest scenery lies inland from the town, in the spectacular valley of Breiðdalur (its name means ‘Wide Valley’). This is the longest and widest of the valleys in Austurland, and it’s surrounded by majestic mountains rising to over 1000 meters on both sides. The impressive Breiðdalsá river, well known for salmon fishing, winds its way scenically across the valley basin to the sea. Breiðdalur makes a wonderful place for exploration and activity, from hiking to horse-riding. There are waterfalls and small forests to discover, and colorful rhyolite peaks to admire. Local guides can help you explore hard-to-reach places and let you in on local secrets.

Back in Breiðdalsvík, take a step back in time inside the old general store, preserved with some quirky 1950s features, then head next door to the craft brewery (yes, even a town of around 140 people needs a brewery!). Be sure to check out the local heritage inside the old fish factory on the main street, which displays a fascinating old relief map of Iceland.


Walk: south of town is the Streitishvarf area, a peninsula and cliffside location with marked trails, a lighthouse and delightful views.

Taste: there’s great locally caught fish, and it pairs well with beer from the town’s craft brewery Beljandi, named after a beautiful local waterfall found in Breiðdalur.

Road-trip: as an alternative to Route 1 (the Ring Road), you can take Route 95 through Breiðdalur then continue as it climbs over Breiðdalsheiði, an ancient, eroded volcano. The views over the valley and coast are unforgettable. Route 95 ends in Egilsstaðir.

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